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NOTE: If a member is unable to fulfill an assignment, the member is epected to find a replacement ASAP and inform the Toastmaster of the Day of the change.

Meeting Roles
PO - Presiding Officer
IO - Inspirational Officer
TM - Toastmaster of the Day
S - Speaker
TT - Table Topics Master
ME - Master Evaluator
E - Evaluator
T - Timer
AG - Ah-Counter/Grammarian


Club Member
7/5/2006 7/12/2006 7/19/2006 7/26/2006 8/2/2006 8/9/2006 8/16/2006 8/23/2006 8/30/2006 9/6/2006 9/13/2006 9/20/2006 9/27/2006
4236 4438 4438 4438 4236 4236 4236 4236 4236 4236 4236 4236 4236
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Alexander, Edward ATM-B, CL E TT   IO   LE   TM S AG CM S
Bluestein, Millie CTM E ME           x x J TT
Budras, Joe CTM, CL TT   E     IO   S       S/J  
Burow, Kevin       IO                 S/J  
Clifford, Catherine   S             S/J
Cole, Mary     S     IO   T E   S   S/J TM
Etienne, Ernesto CTM TM     TM E PO IO   E S S/J ME
Fairley, Ronnie     S E E S   LE S/J
Ferate, Fred DTM x LE       PO x S T TM SA PO
Fletcher, Clarence     IO     S AG     AG S   S/J  
Goodine, Aletha   IO   ME TT   AG IO IO S/J
Hearl, Frank ATM-S     x E ME TT E AG TT S
Holmes, Terrance DTM ME   TT E       E     TM S/J IO
Joseph, Gerald   AG   LE S PO   ME T E LE PO E
Keng, W. Raymond CTM E PO   E ME PO S/J S
Lopez, Leonardo                            
Mitchell, Calvin   S E S LE IO E
Molino, Lou CTM E   S     E TT S/J
Nunes, Michael CTM   TM   ME TM S ME S/J
Osardu, Samuel       S   AG TT E   S     S/J  
Pana-Cryan, Rene   T E x x E   E x S S/J AG
Randall, Ralph CTM   ME     S   PO   S/J
Rawls, Belinda   S   AG   T S   E     S/J  
Rhoades, Ron CTM x x x x x x x x LE E S/J
Robertson, Fathia CTM x x x x x x x x x E T S/J
Sachs, Coleman ATM       S   ME TT S/J E
Schulte, Kurt     E S       AG     S/J
Scibek, Nancy CTM LE PO   PO S   LE   PO ME E S/J E
Tillman, Alicia   S       E   TM S   E TT S/J LE
Trejo, Laura ATM-S x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Wright, Raquel   E T   LE   S TM S/J  
Yinug, Falan CTM PO x TM   T E x PO S E S/J x